Message from directors of UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie

UNSTUCK is an OCD kids movie created by parents of children with OCD. The movie premiered this month at the International OCD Foundation Conference in San Fransisco. See below for message from the directors about spreading the word!

Dear Friend of UNSTUCK,

We have great news to share: UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie is finished
and it premiered July 9 at the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF)
conference in San Francisco! We are still ecstatic over the reaction, as
more than 800 people came to the keynote screening and gave the film an
emotional standing ovation. The Kellen Foundation helped us bring 7 of
the 8 kids in the film out to San Francisco and they were brilliant on
the panel, proving themselves to be the sharp and inspirational OCD
experts we have always known them to be. The IOCDF told us it was their
best attended and most well-received keynote ever!

Afterwards, the kids signed DVDs and T-shirts for a few hundred
fans, and many people told us how much they related to the film and
hoped it would be widely shown. Favorite anecdote: several parents
purchased a DVD to show it to all the therapists their kids saw who
didn’t know how to treat OCD effectively!

We are aware that many of you would like to see UNSTUCK. At the moment
we are trying to secure a broadcast partner as well as plan community
and festival screenings, all of which prevents us from making the film
widely available through online streaming. It is now available for
educators, libraries, therapists and other professionals on DVD or
streaming through New Day Films. We would appreciate it if you would
help us spread the word to these communities about its availability.

Professors and students can view UNSTUCK now on many campuses through
the Kanopy streaming service. Click here to see if you have access.

Stay tuned for more info about our upcoming community and school
engagement campaign, and the study/viewer’s guide we will be creating.
We will let you know when we have more information about any festivals,
broadcasts or streaming availability. Below are some pics from the

Kelly & Chris

Click here for link to pictures