Upcoming CEU luncheon event 7/18/17: “Assessment of Perinatal Postpartum OCD and Harm Thoughts in Parents”

On 7/18/17, Shanda Curiel, PsyD of Resilience Treatment Center in Los Angeles will be offering a CEU luncheon event on the “Assessment of Perinatal Postpartum OCD and Harm Thoughts in Parents”
Did you know (expectant) parents of a new baby can suddenly experience unrelenting thoughts/images of harm happening to their baby and sometimes they irrationally fear they will be the ones to cause the harm, but they never would?  This training focuses on the assessment of perinatal/postpartum OCD “harm” thoughts in parents with sudden-onset OCD, as it is under-recognized by physical and behavioral health practitioners.  The typical, natural coping response by parents worsens symptoms.  In an effort to increase awareness, destigmatize “ugly” intrusions, and streamline care, this presentation will review the symptoms, assist with assessment, and provide guidance on proper referrals for follow-up care. 
For more information and to register, click here.