USC Genetic Study Event and Free Speakers Series – Saturday 2/24

WHEN: Saturday, February 24 from 10:15am – 2:30pm

WHERE: Renewed Freedom Center 1849 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 710, LA, CA

RSVP TO RESERVE SEATING (limited!): By 2/19 to or via our website


WHY: Genetics play a role in OCD and, once identified, will help us guide treatment recommendations! You can enroll in genetics research during the event. Participation involves study questionnaire completion, a short interview, and a small blood donation (4-5 teaspoons). $50 compensation provided.

WHO: Anyone aged 7 or older with OCD or a Related Disorder (hair pulling, body dysmorphic disorder, skin picking, or hoarding and family members (you do not need to have a formal diagnosis or be in treatment).

EARLY ENROLLMENT: We encourage you to pre-enroll in the study by completing questionnaires at:

Visit the event website to learn more about this event, topics, and speakers and to RSVP!